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FF: The Halloween That Never Was


STOP! Did you read the re-write of chapter three? If this is news to you go back, if not carry on and enjoy ;)

Disclaimer: I don't own Eureka, Trick 'R Treat, Anna Paquin, or True Blood.

The Halloween that Never Was

October 31st, 2009

Deputy Jo Lupo told Sheriff Carter she was going to sign out early for the day. And told him on strict orders not to call her unless the whole town was on fire and he needed her to bring marshmallows. Okay so that was a lie she didn't actually say that, but she did tell him to contact her only if it was a severe emergency.

During her drive home she realized just how absurd her request was. She lived in a town full of super geniuses everything ranked as a severe emergency. She parked in her driveway and the resisted the urge to throw her cell away and disconnect her landline. Something catches her eye. She stops.

Her lights were off but there was definitely movement coming from inside. And to make matters worst whoever broke into her house left her door unlocked.

As quietly as possible she entered her home and closed the door behind her. While tip-toeing over her foyer she almost trips over something. She looked down and that something is a familiar pair of black converse. All paranoia evaporates instantly and is replaced with annoyance.

"ZANE!" She growls out through clenched teeth.

"I didn't do it!" He answers back.

Of course it isn't. Her mistake; it was her other boyfriend who liked to leave his shoes in places she could trip over. Her anger subsides as she picked them up and places them in her closet and made her way through her dojo to her living room.

"I've made popcorn." Zane said holding up a large plastic orange bowl. He sat on her loveseat with his feet propped up on her coffee table. She giggled at the sight of his right big toe peeked through a hole in his mismatched socks.

"Zane! This was the bowl I was going to use to pass out candy with." She scolded him. She takes the bowl from him with the intention of switching it to a ceramic bowl, but he pulls her down to him. Luckily it doesn't cause any popcorn to spill.

He takes the bowl from here and places it on the table. "But Jo," he whines in her ear. "It's my candy too and I don't wanna share it." His arms encircled her waist causing her to roll her eyes. If anyone eggs or toilet papers her house he was going to be the one to clean it.

"Fine," she captures his lips in a kiss. His tongue dances along the edge of her lips begging for entrance. The next second she scurries off him to her room to change out of her deputy uniform. She climbed her stairs knowing that he hated when she did that.

"You're such a TEASE!" He calls to her as she reached the top of the stairs.

Five minutes later Jo came back down barefoot in a pair of his boxer shorts that looked nonexistent under one of his faded shirts. She took the seat next to him and asked, "What are we watching?" His arm snakes around her shoulders and she leans into him.

"Trick 'r Treat. It has Anna Paquin in it." He tells her and she rolls her eyes. He kisses the corner of her mouth and her frown quickly fades.

"Jo is mine!" He teases her in a fake southern accent. "You know I only have eyes for you Jo Jo." He said in his usual tone.

Jo breaths in his scent and is filled with content. This was the place she wanted to be; here wrapped in his arms. And quickly dozes off.

The credits for the movie are rolling when Zane finally notices the woman he loves in his arms was fast asleep. Well this puts a damper on his Halloween. He contemplates getting up and putting in a different movie, but decides against waking her up. He yawns and plants a kiss on her forehead and scoots the both of them in a more conformable position.

Hours later when they're both fast asleep Jo push him off the couch. Zane's head hits the coffee table and he cursed aloud. He is a little surprised and annoyed she didn't wake up from the ruckus he made. When the pain subsided he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and checks for the time. Halloween was officially over as of three hours ago. But she didn't give him his Halloween treat yet. His pout turned into a wicked grin. He pushed the coffee table to make room for the plan forming in his head.

"Jo. Jo!" Yet she doesn't stir.

'Execute phase two,' he pulls her off the couch. Using his hand to cushion her fall he pinned her underneath him. She stops mid-growl as he attacked her with his mouth. His lips traveled along her jaw line to her earlobe. "Trick or Treat."

She flipped them, "Really? Really Zane! You woke me up…" She catches sight at the time.

"Where's your Halloween spirit?" He teased. "Besides you know I like it better when you're on top."

She yawns and feels all chance of sleeping the rest of the night leaves her.

"No trick just treats this time please." He said as his hands go pass the hem of the shirt she wore to traced the curve of her spine and it sends shivers through her.

She punched him on the arm and bends over to capture his lips once more.


This is dedicated to Dhfreak  for recommending the movie. This movie made my Halloween night.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the re-write and this chapter . . .

Thanks for reading ;)