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A Fright at Global Dynamics

 Eureka fic!


NOTICE: Hey guys you're probably thinking 'hey didn't I just read this already?' well due to popular demand and under the encouragement of RyaJynx and guidance of Pchefbeth (from Fan Fiction) I decided to rewrite this chapter. This chapter should clear up any confusion you might have had the first time around. And I added a few missing scenes I thought up but just forgot to put in.

You might want to read this whole chapter again before you (if you decide to) go on to "The Halloween That Never Was" ;)

Disclaimer: I don't own: Eureka, Greek Mythology, NCIS, Tick Tock (by Ke$ha), Twilight, Monster Mash, Gordon Ramsay, Doctor Who, Batman, Thriller (Micheal Jackson RIP), Dancing in the Moonlight (by Toploader), or Halloween.

Happy Halloween everybody!

And a Happy Birthday to Erica Cerra!

A Fright at Global Dynamics

The next couple of days passed in a blur for the small town of Oregon. Nights quickly grew darker with each passing day; it was as if the sun was anticipating the nocturnal festivities to come. For a certain research facility the rest of the week past without incident; well there was one involving a pumpkin, a hallway, and the Director's desk assistant. Larry was now not allowed to be in charge of shipping of any kind. As for the rest of Global Dynamic employees a majority of them were looking forward to the end of the week. The only exception was a temporarily tenant who currently lived in a bunker on the outskirts of Eureka.

"I don't get it," the voice came from a laptop on a bed. "I thought you were going to wear something with a bed sheet?" Jo resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the remark. She had so much better taste than to be caught wearing a bed sheet.

"I'm kidding Jo." Zoe said as she watched Jo add the finishing touches to her costume through their webcam. "So I take it you found this hanging in your closet?"

About a month ago (just after the time jump) Jo got a call from Callie and she told her that her dry cleaning was ready to be picked up. Which in itself was supposed to be a good thing right? It gave her actual clothes to wear since it was the week Larry blew up her house. So that day after work she went in to pick them up. She picked up a few power suits (all in black no shock there) and a few dresses. As it turns out this timeline's Jo had the same taste in clothing. But as she was putting away her final article of clothing she stopped dead in her tracks. It was a sundress. This dress in particular didn't look as expensive or all that flashy compare to the others though this dress was elegant in its own right. It was pure white and had tiny (yet still visible) ruffles on the bodice with a skirt that fell a little past her knees in the shape of a bell.

Her breath hitched as she let the dress fall out of her hands. This was the sundress she wore on her first date with Zane. She fought the urge to blink back tears as the memory of that day played through her mind and how determine he was to get answers from her. She scolded herself for being so weak. Resolving herself to forget, she picked up the dress and hides it in the back of her closet until she could make up her mind on what to do with it.

Jo stood in front of the webcam and fused with the last of her costume, "Well. How do I look?" Her make-up was more then what she did for work but less enough to not be considered over the top. The act itself took her a little over two hours to do. Luckily, her hair didn't take as long. She left it down and curled the ends so that they fell in soft spirals.

"Definitely tops last years," Zoe comments offhandedly. Her comment registers and Jo frowns a little, but pushed it to the back of her mind. She wore the white sundress along with a few accessories. She'd clipped a gold bracelet to her right bicep, wore white leather sandals that laced from her ankles to mid calf, and golden rope she found amongst her things in her office. She used it to give her dress a more Grecian look by tying it to the side of her bodice. The lasso ranked high on the scale of odd things she found in her office and it kind of reminded her of a prop a superhero would have use. Weird where did that come from? She needed to minimize her time around Fargo.

Fargo. Jo glared when her mind brought up his image. He was the one who brought her into this mess. During the course of the week her resentment of the mandated costume party had lessoned and now she found herself anxious. But she was still vexed about the situation and her practical side dictated that she at least to wear flats. Who knew what to expect at a Halloween Party in Eureka.

"So what about you Zoe? I'm still bummed that you couldn't make it home this weekend. Do you have any plans for the evening?" Jo asks quirking her eyebrow at her choice in costume. Zoe had what looked to be scientific Gothic attire. From what Jo could see from the webcam the youngest Carter wore a sheer black wig that was tied in two pigtails with a full fringe just above her penciled in eyebrows completed with a dark punk rock t-shirt. Her make-up even fit the bill. The only thing out of place was the white lab coat she had on.

"What you don't get my costume?" Zoe asked as he modeled her outfit before her webcam.

Jo gave her an amused yet blank look, and shook her head no.

"I'm Abigail Sciuto. You know Abby from NCIS your favorite show. Anyway wouldn't you know Halloween is really big in college! The floor of my dorm room started celebrating since Thursday night. But don't worry! I've been studying and will be have a nice quiet evening in the Library. You can quote me on that."

"And Jo?" On the other side of the screen the wannabe Gothic forensic scientist gathered up her things. "Go get him!"

The comment set Jo a little off balance and a blush stained her cheeks as the webcam disconnected. Closing her laptop Jo noticed the time. A quarter to eight. At five o'clock on the dot Fargo postponed all experiments and dismissed (more like evacuated) all scientists, so that the decorations committee could get started. The party didn't start until eight-thirty but as head of security Jo was required to come in early. With one last twirl she heads out to her car.

Downstairs Andy greeted her with his creepy yet pleasant smile. He is dressed as a full body key, "Have a great night Ms. Lupo." She brushes past him without a word and through a group of trick-or-treaters a pang of jealousy in her chest. "Was it something I said?" He asks S.A.R.A.H.

Last year Zane and her stayed in and watched scary movies in the dark on her couch. Zane kept the lights off to fend off trick-or-treaters and keep her candy for himself. The marathon ended with the both of them falling asleep in each other's arms. She was comfortable with sleeping the rest of the night, but Zane had other plans. On November first at three in the morning he woke her up with a kiss complaining she didn't give him his Halloween treat yet. He got it and was severely punished. And vowed he was going to be the one to take care of their plans next year, so that he could get his treats and she wouldn't be too rough with him when she gave it to him.

The drive to GD was uneventful. In a blink she parked her car in her parking spot and turned off the engine. When she got out she was blasted by the vibrations of music coming from inside.

"Now the party don't stop 'til I walk in . . . Don't stop! Make it pop. Dj, blow my speakers up. Tonight I'mma fight 'til we see the sunlight." Jo cringed as she caught snippets of the musical selection she was going to be subjected to listen to as the sound check continued.

Walking through the Rotunda, Jo scanned the dimly lit and newly decorated area as she looked for Fargo. Jack-o'-lanterns of all shape and sizes populated (courtesy of Larry) as far as her eyes could see. Chairs and tables were covered in black cloth and were set up along the edge with a long table set up in front (where she spotted Vincent busying himself) leaving the middle vacant for a dance space. The town chef looked to be wearing his special chef jacket (which he reserved only for special event) with his usually dark hair now dirty blond brushed messily back. Chef Ramsay! She finally found the DJ booth where the Director himself was manning the turn tables, and quickly made her way to him.

Douglas Fargo had opted not to wear his teen vampire attire and had gone with a more professional sort of costume. Behind him was a large blue police box. He had on a brown and blue pinstriped suit with red converse on his feet. Like last time his hair was cropped messily on the top. So that's why he grew out his sideburns this week; leave it to Fargo to go as the Tenth Doctor.

"I couldn't find a fez." Fargo told her.

Jo sighed; it was going to be a long night.

For Zane Donovan the week leading up to Halloween past by uneventfully with the only exception on Friday when he got a memo stating he was being moved to a different department again. 'Figures', but with Halloween around the corner he tired not to let it bother him too much.

Sunday night rolled around and Zane stood in front of his mirror in his apartment in kaki shorts without a shirt on. He flexed the tone muscles in his arm, but his reflection didn't match how he felt inside. His costume would be a real crowd pleaser for the female population, but it made him feel too exposed.

"Frack this," he said. All month Zane was so busy working on the security upgrades that he didn't have time to think up a real costume when the thirty-first rolled around. He raided his closet looking for something to pass as a costume. So far he came up with some teenage werewolf from some teenage vampire series. This was all Zoe's fault for forcing him to watch that vampire movie. He searched his bedroom floor for something else to wear and settled on a black shirt and a pair of dark jeans. He pulled the collar of his shirt to his nose and gave it a whiff. 'Clean enough,' and grabbing his keys to his bike, headed out the front door.

He was beyond fashionably late, so when he entered the Rotunda the festivities were well on their way. The place was jam-packed with wall to wall costume wearing scientists. There were a few costumes that caught his eye but not for very long, and none of which was the one he was looking for.

He spotted Dr. Blake and did a double take, surprised at her costume. She wore what looked to be a Sheriff's uniform, but Carter had never worn shorts that short. Silver jewelry seemed to be connecting her to . . . He stared as he wasn't sure what he was seeing. Wait, were those handcuffs? And the other person connected to those cuffs was none other than Sheriff Carter himself, dressed in his civilian clothes.

A little put-out at not find who he was looking for, Zane made his way over to the punch bowl and poured himself a drink. He grimaced at the bittersweet taste, 'Leave it to Fargo to have Vincent serve something fruity'. By his third cup he finally realized that the punch was spiked. And unless it was already like that, it was only a matter of time before Lupo accused him of spiking it. Even though this time he had an alibi since he just arrived. And if he had done it he would've made the dose heavier.

Zane hears a frustrated growl that could only be made by one female. "I didn't do it!" He responds automatically. In his line of vision Jo whirls around and overloads his senses.

Since he came to Eureka everything he saw Lupo wear was categorized as hot. With the way she treated him after two years he had no problem objectifying her. From her old Deputy uniform to her power suits at work, he found it all very sexy. But right now the only adjective he could come up with for what she was wearing was beautiful.

In a split second time seems to slow down for the Goddess in front of him. A few of her dark ringlet curls fall in front of her, framing her face, and the fluid motion caused the bottom of her dress to fan out. Zane's eyes dart around at the expose flesh and he swallowed hard at the creamy skin now vanishing underneath her dress. He was going to need another drink.

The night was still young when Jo found herself patrolling through the crowd of dancers. "You can take the girl out of security," she muttered to herself. Her so called tactical team had gone AWOL (abandoned their posts) and were having the time of their lives on the dance floor, and Fargo had ditched her about two and a half hours ago. She envied Henry and Grace. Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride had left the party early because they were on candy duty. Her night had been far from being enjoyable. Hell, she was jealous of Jack and Allison as they were quite literally 'dancing the night away'. Andy and Jack, and now Allison since Jack conveniently misplaced not only the key but the spar as well, were on call if anything happened in town, even though the majority of Eureka's citizens were here anyway.

Deep down Jo was hoping with large crowd of dancers that she wouldn't have to cross paths with a certain scientist she had kissed last month. And for a few hours she didn't but it would seem her luck finally ran out. Shutting her eyes for a moment she opens them to find Zane's highly amused smirk creasing his lips. Mentally she kicked herself at being a little impaired. She doesn't know who, if anyone had spiked it, but she wished they had added just a bit more alcohol to it. So that she could let loose and finally enjoy her night, but the part of her brain that controlled her inhibitions was still working. Barely and with Zane around she was going to do something she'd regret.

"Zane!" She said unable to hide the surprise in her voice. And he detected just an iota of excitement in her voice.

"I was working in the lab late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. For my monster from his slab began to rise and suddenly to my surprise . . . He did the mash," Both Jo and Zane cringed at the same time. This was the fifth time Fargo played the Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and Jo needed another drink.

"What are you suppose to be?" Jo used her slightly angry voice to hide how she really felt from him which only caused him to look more amused.

"Me?" Zane's voice gets dangerously husky as he puffs out his broad chest, "I'm Batman!" Labeled on the front of his shirt was the yellow and black bat insignia. Jo's eyes lingered on his torso longer then necessary and she cursed at herself. His so called costume was no different than his usual tight shirts that he wore to work. For a brief moment she tired to remember if he had worn this particular shirt to work today, but before she could reply they were interrupted by the sound of someone yelling nearby.

"Good you're here Jo. There is something wrong with Martha!" Larry exasperates, "I was coming out of the bathroom—"

"Larry I am not a custodian!"

The music suddenly stopped and over head the sound of sirens began to blare through the Rotunda.

To everyone's surprise, including her own, Jo's voice came over the loud speaker, "A toxin has been detected. Please remain calm. You all must remain here until the levels of the toxin has decrease or leaves your system."

Jo shot Zane a glare, and he retaliated by giving her a look of innocence. The beginning of the month when he was put in charged of upgrading security department he took it upon to give their system an audio upgrade on top of everything else. He thought Jo would be pleased.

The audio message repeats in its creepy Jo monotone voice. Allison and Jack made their way across the dance floor to where Fargo stood. Jo and Zane follow their lead.

"This is like . . . straight out of a horror movie, and not even the kind with a good plot." Jo tosses Fargo a glare at his comment.

"No need to ask what else could go wrong because we've definitely hit rock bottom." Zane leaned over and whispered in Jo's ear in mock fear, "Guess we'll all just have to stay here for the night."

"Well thanks for that assurance Zane." Sheriff Carter complained in a threatening tone. He wanted just one day, no one night without disaster in it. Turned out that was too much to ask for.

Dr. Blake gave them both a warning look. "Everyone just needs to remain calm. We can get through this."

"That's easy for you to say." Jo groaned out under her breath and stepped a little away from Zane. Her voice wasn't the one the alarm system was mimicking. "That's not your voice coming out of that thing."

"Virgins! Virgins never die in horror movies!"

"Shut up Fargo!" They all said in chorus.

With her free hand Dr. Blake whipped out her phone, "My system isn't picking up on a toxin . . . wait everyone's system has traces of C2H5OH, Ethanol in it."

"Is that serious? Do we need-"

Zane interrupted Jack, "Dude that's just alcohol, drinking alcohol no less! And this isn't my fault you know."

Jo gave him a look that pointedly said that she very much doubted that.

"Hey I just do the designs and upgrades. What you guys do with it isn't my fault. This time the person you should direct your anger at is the Director over there. He is the one who set the settings so high."

Fargo blushed under the scrutiny. "I just wanted tonight . . . I thought high security meant you know extra security so Jo wouldn't have to work too hard tonight." He confessed.

Jo's annoyance faltered a little.

Jack began giving out orders, "Okay. So Allison, Fargo, and I will find a way to keep everyone calm. And you and Zane-"

"C'mon Zane," Jo sighed. She didn't need to hear the rest of Jack's plan to know what they had to do, and she lead Zane towards the closest working computer which of course happened to be the one in her office.

Back at the Rotunda, Allison asked Jack, "How are we going to keep people calm?"

Fargo answered, "I can fix the speakers and we can dance the Thriller?"

Out in the corridors and just a few yards away from Jo's office Zane asked, "You wouldn't happen to be carrying a small gun on you?"

"I hate small guns," Jo answers as she hiked up her dress to reach for her gun. Zane opened his mouth to comment, but before he could Jo pushes him up against the wall with her hand over his mouth.

"Shh," she whispered. The space between her office and them was being guarded by a rouge drone. And Jo didn't want to have to shoot Martha; she was just doing her job. She needed to come up with a plan and fast. She stopped mid-though as she felt Zane lick the inside of her palm. Startled, she nearly dropped her gun.

Zane pulled her towards him and whispered, "Just play along." He began to nuzzle her neck and finding her pulse kissed her skin, causing her breath to hitch and drop her gun.

She lets out a low growl, this time for an entirely different reason. 'He's just taking advantage of the situation' she tired to reason with herself and tired to push him off her. But all the Ethanol in her system finally kicked in and instead she slammed him into the wall opposite to where they had been hiding.

Jo's lip crashed down against his mouth. Between them Zane holds a smirk, a little annoyed she takes his bottom lip between her teeth. In retaliation he cupped the back of her neck to tilt her head upward to allow him more access to his mouth. Blindly he pushed the two of them to the next wall. He used the hand on her neck to absorb the force of his push. She jumped into him as his back collided with her office door. At the moment he is unable to reach for the knob, because both his hands became occupied when she wrapped her legs around his abdomen. As a gentleman he used his hand to support her weight and occasionally ran the length of her back with the tips of his fingers. He indulged in her reaction every time his hands fell on her exposed skin. Oblivious to them over head Martha cruised on past them.

During their journey across the hallway Jo's left hand cupped his face. Her thumb brushing his check bones as they kissed. With her free hand she reached for the silver doorknob, and they fall through the open doorway. Zane's back hit the ground still going strong. After minutes, or possibly hours pass they finally pulled away from each other still breathing hard. She is still straddling him when he is the first to speak.

"This isn't nothing Jo." Zane told her, still trying to catch his breath. Her body moved back and forth as he inhales and exhales.

Jo was unable to look away but says nothing. Her heartbeat rung through her ears as if she had ran a marathon.

"You want me just as much as I want you. Why can't you see that?" When Jo doesn't respond Zane crawled up from underneath her and helped her up.

Silently Jo walked over to her computer and input her password and stepped aside. It doesn't take long for him to pull up the security program.

Zane cleared his throat, "Since the audio system is malfunctioning you'll have to audibly insert your password to shut if off."

Jo closed her eyes in mortification. Of course! Leave it to her to choose a password she didn't want to be spoken aloud. "Josefina Lupo-Donovan." It didn't matter how low she said it because he definitely heard it.

"I'm not letting you go Jo." He told her.

Jo felt her heart skip a beat, but still said nothing.

"You owe me a dance Lupo. Come and find me when you're ready. You owe me that much." He said as he walked out of her office; leaving Jo alone with only her thoughts for company.

What was wrong with her? She tired getting over him and her feelings for him all month. But something always led her back to him. It was like gravity. So why was she making this so much harder for herself? It could have been the buzz taking, but she didn't care. Without another thought she ran out of her office to chase him down, only to crash into something solid just outside her door.

Zane grabbed her arms to steady her, "I didn't think you'd come after me this fast Jo Jo." He teased.

"We get it on most every night and when that moon is big and bright it's a supernatural delight."

"Whatever," Jo huffed and grabbed him by the collar and led him back towards the dance floor, "You just try and keep up." A few people watched as the couple dance with each other. No one noticed the hundred dollar bill being exchanged between two co-workers.

"Everybody's dancing in the moonlight. Everybody's feeling warm and bright. It's such a fine and natural sight! Everybody's dancing in the moonlight!"

AND this concludes A Fright at Global Dynamics. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. And I know as far as Eureka's standards for disasters go this one doesn't rank vary high. I actually had something more disastrous when I wrote the first chapter, but this turned out to be more Romance orientated (fluffy then I intended). Hoped you liked it.

Anyhow, be safe everyone and have a Happy Halloween! =]

November 6th, 2010: Stay tuned! Next chapter is a one-shot I couldn't stop myself from writing! Warning for mindless fluff.

The Halloween That Never Was




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Nov. 5th, 2010 03:10 pm (UTC)
I definitely loved this! I could easily see something like this happening on the show too, which to me is a good indication of a great fic. Well done! I hope you write another Jo/Zane snippet soon!
Nov. 6th, 2010 10:09 pm (UTC)
Awe thanks.. I glad you liked it.. last time around...

So what I'm getting at is um I re-wrote this chapter with a few more scenes, costumes, and Halloween spirit to it. And with an additional snippet too it it's called "The Halloween That Never Was".

I hope you still like it =]

P.S. I love your icon! Awe he was so cute, my heart breaks for him... and Rob Thomas' lyrics go really well with it too!
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