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FF: A Fright at Global Dynamics Part 2/3

 Eureka Fanfic!

Disclaimer: I don't own Eureka.


A Fright at Global Dynamics Part 2

"Thanks for your hard work. Your work is very important. GD and I really appreciate it," Fargo's preaches. Before Zane is able to input anything the screen goes blank. "Goodbye."

'Sure it is,' Zane thought sardonic. His position at Global Dynamics was a glorified tech guy at best. He runs a hand over his tiresome face. Truth be told he expected more out of life in the U.S.'s (allegedly) smartest little town. After three years not a whole lot was different since he came to this town. And what did he have to show for it? Not a whole lot. He wasn't looking for a steady relationship or anything like that. He expected something different something major to have happened his life. Living in Eureka was supposed to be analternative to prison? Now that's a laugh. The only difference from this and a correctional facility would be the guards. Anyone would've been so much nicer to him than GD's enforcer.

His philosophy: compliancy is the eighth deadliest sin (given that he wasn't the least bit religious) and that boredom was the worst possible form of torture. So, so what if his level of maturity was below proficient and he did stupid things that was unbecoming of his high IQ. For Zane cheap thrills and shenanigans were one of the only two things to do around here. It kept people on their toes and him from going insane.

"Did Chief Lupo give the green light yet?" Zane looks up to see Tim. A fellow computer technician in security. The GD's security department was located in the west wing of the Rotunda. In theory the close proximity was to ensured if anything went wrong they could act fast.

"Yeah. The system is fully online now." Zane answers. Timothy Huang graduated top of his class with honors at MIT in an accelerated computer science, programming, and engineering. And within the month of his graduation was drafted into the most advance research facility in the country. But that's debatable and was a little over a year now.

"Sweet." Tim reminded Zane a lot of himself. Tim was young and decent looking kind of guy. He was a little new in town and overall was still eager to please. Filled with so much false hope and with the Lupo fixation he had too.

"So you and Lupo?" Zane pretends to type a little on his temporarily assigned keyboard to look like he is working. Besides Tim and him there was just one other tech guy in the security department and that was Michael Beamer, the rest was made of big muscular dudes who made up Lupo's tactical force. Mike was hefty guy with a over grown beard. He would be seen whenever Lupo wasn't looking playing World of Warcraft which was actually most of the time.

"What about Lupo and me?" Zane asks still working the façade.

"You guys have been like Sid and Nancy for a month now-"

"He means verbal sparing." Mike quips not looking up from his computer at his desk. He looked to be half playing his game of WOW and half participating in their conversation.

"Shut up Mikey!" Tim rolls his eyes, "Anyway. You can cut the unresolved sexual tension with a laser!" Zane forces a blank look on his face.

"He's trying to ask you: Are you tapping that?" Mike paraphrases.

Oh no! Is someone spreading rumors that they were sexing up in the recorders room again? When will people learn? Lupo was too much of a prude and a blue ball tease to be caught doing anything inappropriate with him. He had the taser burn marks to prove it.

But a month ago that kiss. And the look in her eyes all that couldn't have been a fluke or wishful thinking. Could it?

"Nah! Story of my life," a pang of annoyance shoots through Zane as he sees their shock and disappointed faces.

"Let's face it gentlemen and I used that term loosely. It takes a certain pedigree to-" Zane pauses because he sees Tim slipping Mike a hundred. "What are you guys doing?"

"Hey he," Tim points at Mike accusingly, "betted against you!" And these guys were supposed to be his friends, so much for the bro code.

"What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic." Mike says slipping the money into his pocket and goes back to his online world of fantasy.

"So what do you think Lupo will be dressing up as this year?"

And there it is! The burning question on everyone minds. Well, at least over half if, not all of GD's employee population. Last year's costume (his current screen saver) was believe it or not: Wonder Woman. Yes Jo-frakin'-Lupo wore the red and blue suit with white stars and electric red boots. The only downside (besides not being able to touch of course) was instead of harmless silver accessories on her wrist used to symbolize Diana's indestructible bracelets Jo had her Geodetic Coordinate Trans-Savor bracelets to zap those who stared to long and the idiots who were brave enough to hit on her. Yours truly had a great line involving the 'Lasso of Truth' that earned him a higher voltage then the rest of them. He remembers thinking 'they're just jealous of their love'.

'Him and Lupo in Love?' he snorts at the thought.

"Well I hope its Zena." Tim confesses.

Back at the head of security's office

"I am not wearing a costume with the word NAUGHTY in it!" Jo says louder then necessary into her phone as she continues to scroll down the list of costumes on her monitor. The nerve of the names of these costumes!

She was in a conundrum. Three hours since her meeting where she was related the horrible news about the thirty-first of October and she was no where near finding a solution to her problem. She had only one person she could turn to in these types of situation.

Zoe Carter's voice answers back on the other end. "Awe Jo! Where's your Halloween spirit?" Jo lets out a frustrated growl, "JK! What's with the hysteria and stress? Worried you won't top last year's-"

"What are you talking about?" Jo asks in an unmistakable elevated pitch.

"Never mind so what gives? And I'm doing fine. I actually just got done with midterms thanks so very much for asking."

"Uh sorry Zo I'm just freaking out about the whole costume thing." Jo cradles her phone between her shoulder and her ear to type into the search engine.

"Gee I hadn't notice."

Jo rolls her eyes and fires back, "There is no need to get snippy with me."

"Yah okay sorry, so what are the options? Besides non-naughty costumes . . . please tell me you're not going as a nun." Zoe's voice held a hint of tease in it.

"No! I was thinking if I couldn't find anything . . . you know I'd go in my old Deputy uniform." Jo missed that old cotton-woolen blend.

"Hold up," the sound of keys and a door opening and being kicked shut came over Jo's speaker, "do you even still have that old thing?"

"Good question." Indeed, between finding out her new job and working said job Jo hadn't the time to look through her things to see if did really still have it. That and Fargo's stupid desk lackey, Larry blew up her house, so now her old uniform could even be an option at this point.

"So are you coming home this weekend?" Jo asks hesitantly. The gossip around town was a few weeks before Zoe left to go back to Harvard her relationship with Zane went into the friend zone. No one knew if it was mutual or if either one of them put their relationship there. And Jo didn't have the guts to ask her just yet.

"I'll try. I mean my profs assigned extra homework this week. So adolescent scholar minds won't—Damn it! My roommate stole my bed sheet."

"What?" Jo asks mid-click.

"My roommate is rushing this week—"

"Zo you're a genius!" Jo exclaims closing her window.

"Thanks. It happens frequently now. Hey wait. What are you going as? You're not going to go as a bed sheet ghost are you? I know you want a more conservative look but that's all kinds of lame!"

"What? No! I'm going as . . . hold up my battery is dying."

Aren't I evil? ;)

Anyhow last update will be either Halloween (Erica Cerra's birthday) or the day before Halloween depending on if I can write it during the rest of the week. And thanks so much for those of you who guess/suggested costumes in your reviews. They were really encouraging and fun to read!

Last round of costume guessing before the Halloween party, so please review? =]

Part three: Dancing in the Moonlight



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Oct. 26th, 2010 12:00 am (UTC)
The school girl uniform ala Britney Spears could be a side effect of watching Glee... perhaps? lol

And thanks for the review ;D

(Luv the icon BTW)
Oct. 26th, 2010 12:37 am (UTC)
I loved the new chapter. Great job in it. Amazing update. :D
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