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Eureka Redux Fic (Not Mine)


AH.  This fic has got to be one of the top five Eureka fics out there.  It's set in the beginning of season 4 in a parallel universe if Zane instead of Jo was one of the five time travelers.  Check it out if your a fan of the fandom.  It's by Sydnew.

-Mellie over and out.


Ello ello. So last year well more like three months ago (somewhere in October) I start working at my local Youth Health Center. I use the word 'work' loosely because I only 'work' six to nine hours a week. But I love my job. First I started with just the filing and photo copying since I worked in the Admin area. I hated being a receptionist because I have this habit of speaking too fast. That and I get really nervous when I'm on a phone. This phobia has always been there just didn't become realized until now. Thats probably the one thing I dislike about my job that and the fact my position only lasts till February.

Then I got moved to the counseling department. I pretty much do the something just more data entry stuff.

Then I got moved again.. To the clinic. There I have the same duties except. I pass out/make condom bags. And they really need it. I could spend a whole days shift making them and I'd still have to make more. I'm okay at making them and I really feel I'm helping out. I'm gonna be sad when my job ends. Luckily right now I'm out of school for winter break. But in two weeks well less than that I will be going back to school. I wonder if I can balance it all out. I guess time will tell?

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I Believe in a Thing Called LOVE!


Testing 1-2-3?!

Hi so last month I got an iPod touch and I am only now finding out about what I can do on here. I should probably say I shouldn't be fiddling with this I should be slaving over finals studying.

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FF: The Halloween That Never Was

Writer's Block: The witching hour

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like most and least about this holiday?

My least favorite thing about this holiday is finding what to do.  Plans are made but are rarely followed through.  And that causes unnecessary stress over things you can't really control.  And then people play the blame game.  

But I what I love the most is the excitement and thrill that come with this holidays, so that counts for something right?

Writer's Block: How old is too old?

Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?

Riddle me this:  How can someone be too old for CANDY?

Lol there is an age limit and that's when you stop having fun is when you're getting too old.  

My textbook is my Boy Friend~

 Well it's true and quite nerdy to boot.

This year I have committed myself to read every-damn-page of my textbook.  I mean if I'm going to spend near a damn fortune on I should at least read it, yah?  Last year I did the whole skim through and only actually read the bold vocabulary stuff.  I did decently with this study technique but my work was mediocre at best.  

So this year I going to have a close if not intimate relationship with my textbooks.     

On another note I have just completed my first week of work.  Monday was my first day and today was my second day.  I should use the word internships, cause I am an intern (that and  I only work six hours:  three hours a day, two days a week) but anyhow I might actually get a name tag for this position!  I've worked three jobs and I've never got a name tag.  Since then I have become hopelessly obsessed with getting some form of identification from the work position.  

UGH I have a paper due Monday!  Our Prof as a requirement will only allow five grammar and spelling mistakes more then that it will be marked down one full later grade and be marked late.  And that also means I can't re-write the damn thing -.- his exact words were to "proof read the HELL out of it" before we turn it in on Monday.  

Plus it's raining.  Perfect weather for a crappy weekend.  I so can't wait for Halloween.  Reminds me I still have to get my costume assembled -.-